Friends of READ OC


The FRIENDS of READ/Orange County is a nonprofit group of volunteers dedicated to helping READ/OC, the literacy services of the OC Public Libraries. Volunteers include tutors, learners and others interested or involved in literacy support.


The FRIENDS support READ/OCin three primary areas: resource development, awareness and recognition services.

Resource Development: Our goal is to raise and manage funds for tutor training sessions, special recognition events, additional equipment and supplies, and any other product or service deemed necessary for the program's continued success. Public Awareness: To help spread the word about READ/OC's literacy services our public relations efforts will inform members of the media, business and general community about our events and achievements. News releases, a speaker's bureau an honorary board, and attendance at public events are some of the ways we will get the word out. Recognition Services: Because we're aware of the time, energy and effort that both tutors and learner must dedicate to changing lives through improved literacy, one of our primary goals is to recognize that dedication. To this end, we hold special events twice a year and conduct ongoing recognition at trainings, workshops and other events.


Since the services READ/OC offers are so wide reaching, more effort and resources are necessary to keep them going. Therefore, the FRIENDS plan to build on the foundation started by the County, and provide the literacy program with the support it needs to grow and flourish. With help from the community FRIENDS of READ/OC pledges to make the effort, and find the resources needed to put literacy within everyone's reach.

If you would like to join The Friends of READ/OC, please click here and fill out the form.