Read OC Team

Thank you for visiting our website and for being interested in our services. Whether you are thinking about becoming a volunteer Tutor, a Volunteer in another capacity or a Learner in our program, please be assured that we are here to assist you and that we are equipped to ensure a meaningful experience for you. Do not hesitate to call us.

Since the beginning of the program in 1991, READ/OC has consistently worked with top-notch professionals in the literacy field to provide quality services to our program participants and the community. Our Team is always happy to guide volunteers and learners as they continue their rewarding journey of lifelong learning through the flexible and individualized instruction offered by READ/OC.

Tangela Ashe, Literacy/Technology Specialist
Having been with the program since its inception, I have had the opportunity to work in all aspects of our literacy program. I am happy to assist you with tutoring, reporting or general program questions or concerns.

Rebecca Braun, Trainer/Tutor & Learner Coordinator
Call me Monday - Friday, 8:30-5:00 to share your success stories and for help with lesson planning, goal setting, finding materials, or any other difficulty you encounter during tutoring. Also call for more volunteer opportunities or if you need to be re-matched.

Barbara Neder, Outreach Coordinator
Call me Monday - Friday, 9:00-6:00 for family literacy resources and assistance integrating children’s books and family resources into your learner’s goals and to help families turn everyday activities into fun learning opportunities. Also call for more volunteer opportunities in the community demonstrating that family learning and fun can be synonymous.

Carol Tsai, Literacy Assessor
It is a privilege to work alongside the READ staff as the team’s assessor. For many learners, making the initial call to our office requesting assistance can be daunting. I feel honored to be one of the first contacts they have with READ. It is also deeply rewarding to meet learners for reassessment and see the progress they’ve made after working with a tutor. Please call Monday – Friday 9:00-5:00 if you need assistance with reading and writing and would like to schedule an assessment.

To contact any Team Member, call (714) 566-3070 or send an email to