Our Mission

The mission of READ/OC is to create a more literate community by providing diversified services of the highest quality to all who seek them.

"The fact is that in the area of adult literacy [volunteer] programs have had more experience with low-level adult learners than any other agency in existence, including ABE*." (Business Council on Effective Literacy Newsletter.)
*ABE - Adult Basic Education

Our Programs

READ/OC provides:

  • Tutoring in basic reading and writing
  • Tutor training
  • On-going tutor support
  • Mutually convenient times and locations
  • One-to-one setting
  • Confidential, individualized, goal-oriented lessons
  • Families for Literacy
  • Working for Inmate Literacy Now (WIN)
  • Referral information

Core Program

READ/OC provides tutoring in basic reading and writing to adult learners throughout Orange County. Lessons are individualized, confidential, and highly goal-oriented. Tutors structure the learning process around the goals of the learner, using materials that relate to those goals.

In support of the Core Program, READ/OC offers three other programs: Families For Literacy (FFL), READ Jr., and Working for Inmate Literacy Now (WIN).

Families for Literacy

READ/OC's Families for Literacy (FFL) component works with parents and children to break the intergenerational cycle of illiteracy. FFL tutors are specifically trained in methods of incorporating children's material into the tutoring sessions as well as assisting parents in choosing appropriate reading materials for their children. Family Reading Times are held regularly with parents and children to promote an atmosphere of fun and learning and to demonstrate that these terms can be synonymous.


Teen tutors work with the children of our adult learners, along with their parents, to help the children succeed in school. Children ages 6-12 get help with their reading, writing, and homework, while the parents learn valuable skills to support their children in lifelong learning. Tutors are specially trained to involve the whole family in the learning process.  

Working for Inmate Literacy Now 

READ/OC's Working for Inmate Literacy Now (WIN) component provides basic literacy services to interested inmates in the Orange County jail system. Trained tutors go into the five Orange County jail facilities to provide these services. Due to rapid inmate turnover, the goal of WIN is to:

  • Demonstrate to the inmate the practical benefits of improving their literacy skills;
  • Demonstrate to the inmate their capability in improving literacy skills; and
  • Encourage learners' education upon transfer or release from the jail system.

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